Our Ministries

Sunday School 


We equip our children with biblical truth and assist them on their way to salvation.

For more details contact Jenny Murray on 082 045  0118

or Rene Switzer on 083 333 8290

Men's Ministry 

The main purpose of this ministry is to promote spiritual growth in men. To equip the men of the church to better know and serve God and follow Jesus. To help men understand their role and function in the church, their households, and society.

For more details contact Henri Marais on 072 016 7849



We are a family away from home of brothers and sisters in Christ, who want to grow in the knowledge of Jesus by serving one another and reaching out to those that do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. 

For more details contact Thabo Ntlhaile on 073 583 1377



To equip sisters with biblical knowledge and fuller understanding of the Christian faith and how it is lived.  To have Christian fellowship and encourage each other.

For more details contact Denise Blight on 082 440 5781 or 

Sophie Reyeneke on 083 292 3292

Pastoral Support

The purpose of this ministry is to take care of the pastoral needs of the members. 

For more details contact Bronson Pretorius 074 159 3198

Food Parcels

The purpose of this ministry is to assist and support the needy. 

For more details contact Glynn Haumann on 084 506 4744

Home 053 8420 193


Sixty Something

The purpose of this ministry is to provide opportunities for senior citizens to have fellowship, to socialize and to share the gospel. 

For more details contact Renee Burden on 072 460 6532

Home 053 8421 356

Jyps and Crusaders 

In this ministry, we minister to Kbc children and those from the surrounding schools (from pre-primary to grade 7). 

For more details contact Carl Joubert on 078 371 9718 or

Michel Loungue on 063 800 8047

Youth Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to disciple teens and reach out to non-Christian teens. 

For more details contact Robin Bhebhe on 072 801 9938

Willowbank Campsite

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage church camps and fellowship. 

For more details contact the church office on 053 832 7007

Prison Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to minister the Word to male and female prisoners in the old Kimberley prison.  

For more details contact Liesl Janneke on 078 907 1390


The purpose of this ministry is to carry the Christian message into the unreached world and to go and meet others' needs. We are committed to reaching souls and winning souls for Christ- where we are, a little further out and to the ends of the earth.

For more details please contact church office on 053 832 7007

Sound and Projection

This ministry is a vital part of church ministry because its key feature is making sure that music and voice from the worship team are heard clear by the congregation. 

For more details contact church office on 053 832 7007

Bible Way

To equip Christians in prison with knowledge and understanding of the Bible

For more details contact Desiree Smith on 082 365 6388

Library Ministry

To acquire and make available Christian literature, DVDs and other material that believers can utilize to grow their faith.

For more details contact June Francis on 082 797 2690


To lead the congregation into the presence of God

For more details contact Clint Misdorp on 073 071 3677

or Hayley Mugglestone on 082 690 8732